Use Cases

Use Cases

Robust features for independent & enterprise teams

We’ve design Vidcast with simplicity in mind. It works whether you are a team of 2 or 10,000 employee enterprise scattered across the globe.

Use case examples

Streamline Customer Support

Vidcast works with you when you’re troubleshooting, sending ticket resolutions, or service updates

Knowledgebase Content

In the digital age, customers want immediate answers but often find themselves trudging through dense text in order to find answers to their questions. 

Bring clarity and immediacy to your knowledge base through video content. Engage customers with personalized, easy-to-understand video explanations that offer step-by-step solutions. 

For instance, turn complex troubleshooting guides into easily digestible video clips, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing support tickets.

Support Announcements

Traditional written announcements often get lost in a sea of information. Video messaging can help bring a personal touch to important updates, making them more engaging and easier to remember. 

Announce new features, service updates, or changes in procedures with short, effective videos. Give face to your company, making information more memorable and digestible.

Issue Reporting

The process of reporting issues or bugs can be challenging when complex scenarios need to be explained in text. You can quickly create video reports that walk engineers through the problem visually, reducing the need to meet directly each time. 

By capturing and showing the exact issue, miscommunications are minimized, speeding up resolution times and improving inter-departmental efficiency.

Personalized Support

In customer support, sometimes text just doesn’t convey the full story. Support teams can send personalized video messages to customers, guiding them through solutions step-by-step. 

This personalized touch not only resolves issues faster but also enhances customer relationships, building trust and loyalty for your brand.

Use case examples

Build Better Relationships with Asynchronous Sales Outreach

Enable more personal connections, robust training, and genuine customer stories all at your fingertips

Customer Outreach

Traditional outreach methods struggle to stand out in the modern sales era. The use of personalized video messaging can create an instant connection with potential customers, setting you apart from the competition. 

Craft personalized video pitches or product demos to engage prospects effectively, making your sales strategy more efficient and impactful. Research shows that personalized video can increase click-through rates by 65% [1].

Seller Training & Enablement

The one-size-fits-all approach of conventional training can be ineffective and time-consuming. Create immersive, on-demand video training that’s tailored to individual learning paces. 

This method encourages the creation of a knowledge library filled with best practices, product training, and industry insights for the sales team to access anytime. 

Research indicates that eLearning increases learning retention rates by 25% to 60% compared to traditional methods [2].

Internal Sales Updates

Vital sales updates can get lost in the email flood, leverage video messages to make internal communication more engaging and memorable. 

For instance, managers can share sales performance updates or new strategies via video, fostering a more informed and collaborative sales team. 

Studies have found that messages delivered via video can increase information retention by up to 65% [3].

Customer Testimonials

Written testimonials often fall short in capturing a customer’s genuine enthusiasm or sentiment. By leveraging video testimonials there’s a higher level of authenticity and emotional engagement that can influence potential customers effectively. 

Companies can collect and share video testimonials from satisfied customers, showcasing success stories that resonate with prospects. 

According to research, customer testimonials can increase effectiveness in marketing by 89% [4].

Use case examples

Speed-up Product Development

Propel your product development cycle forward by showcasing features, gathering reviews, and updating stakeholders in real-time

Feature Showcases

Textual descriptions of new features or roadmaps are prone to misinterpretation, ideo messaging offers a clear, visual demonstration of these elements. 

Use video to walk through new features or upcoming developments, allowing stakeholders to visualize and understand them more effectively. It’s shown that 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service [5].

Design, Code and Idea Reviews

Traditional review processes can be slow, causing delays in product development. With video messaging, instant, comprehensive feedback on design, code, and ideas is enabled, expediting decision-making. 

For instance, teams can conduct video-based code or design reviews, thus streamlining the review process. Research indicates that 70% of workers say they could do their job better if they had better information-sharing tools [6].

Research Reports

Reporting research findings is often complex and time-consuming. However, video messages can make research findings easier to digest, facilitating quicker knowledge transfer. 

Teams can share video reports on user testing, market research, or beta testing, making data more accessible and actionable. In fact, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text [7].

Progress Updates

Keeping all stakeholders updated can be challenging. Create concise, regular video updates that keep everyone informed, improving the efficiency of your collaboration with the team. 

Record daily standups, sprint reviews, or project updates as video messages, fostering a culture of transparency. 

Studies have shown that 66% of employees report they waste between 30 minutes and an hour each day looking for important information due to poor communication [8].

Use case examples

Reinvigorate Organizational Communications

From leadership updates to nurturing employee relationships, let every message resonate.

Leadership Announcements

Video messaging allows leaders to add a personal touch to crucial announcements, making them more engaging. 

Leaders can share video messages about updates with M&A, leadership changes, or crisis response, enhancing trust and rapport within the organization. Forbes reports that communication from leadership is a key driver of employee satisfaction [9].

Leadership Insights

Key insights can often get diluted in written or mass communication. Video messages from leadership ensure these insights are communicated clearly and directly. 

Leaders can share their thoughts on earning reviews, strategic changes, or updates on go-to-market strategies via video, fostering an open and inclusive culture. 

Studies show that open, transparent companies are 270% more effective in creating a culture of trust and accountability [10].

Employee Relations

Make HR updates or training initiatives feel more personal and engaging. Use video messages to communicate policy updates, introduce training programs, or onboard new hires. 

Making these processes more interactive and human can lead to improved job satisfaction and productivity. 

It’s reported that companies with effective communication practices have 47% higher total returns to shareholders [11].

Use case examples

Empower Learning and Development

Transform learning into an engaging and dynamic experience, from onboarding to leadership training, ensuring growth at every stage.

Employee Onboarding

Traditional onboarding methods can feel impersonal and be overwhelming for new employees. L&D experts can create on-demand video content, allowing new hires to onboard at their own pace, leading to a smoother and more comprehensive induction process. 

For example, a series of welcome videos from team leaders can help newcomers feel instantly connected. 

Studies show that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70% [1].

Skill Tutorials

Traditional learning methods often do not cater to individual learning preferences and may become outdated quickly. Use video to design and share up-to-date, asynchronous learning content that meets diverse learning needs. 

Create a series of short, engaging training videos on new technologies or industry trends that employees can access and revisit at their convenience. 

LinkedIn Learning reports that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning [2].

Policy and Compliance Training

It’s often challenging to ensure that all employees understand and comply with new policies when delivered through conventional channels. HR teams can share policy changes and compliance training in a more engaging and memorable format with video. 

A video with visual walkthroughs can explain complex policies in a simple, understandable way. 

Research finds that video can improve message retention by up to 65% [3].

Leadership Development Programs

Conventional leadership development programs can be time-consuming and costly. Companies can use video to enhance their leadership training content that fits into leaders’ busy schedules. 

Use video to share insightful talks from industry leaders or internal executives, fostering continuous growth and leadership skills. 

Brandon Hall Group found that learning opportunities accessible via technology increase revenue by 26% per employee [4].

Career Development Planning

Traditional career development discussions can often feel abstract and impersonal. With video messaging HR can offer personalized, interactive career development plans. 

HR teams can create video content that clearly outlines potential career paths within the organization, helping employees understand their growth prospects and encouraging talent retention. 

A Gallup study found that 87% of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job [5].

Use case examples

Supercharge Marketing Campaigns

Announce, launch, narrate, and celebrate every achievement in a unique way.

Campaign Announcements

Traditional marketing campaigns can get lost in the flood of digital content. However, marketers can introduce upcoming campaigns through engaging video messages, capturing audience attention more effectively. 

Use video to tease a new product or sale event, creating anticipation and boosting engagement. 

Research shows that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text [1].

Product Launches

Written product descriptions can be lengthy and cumbersome, leaving room for misinterpretation. Enable marketers to present product demos in a clear and engaging format, making it easier for customers to understand the product’s value. 

Use video to demonstrate how a product works, breaking down complex functions into simple steps. 

Studies have shown that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video [2].

Content Marketing

Text-based content often struggles to capture and keep audience interest. However, marketers can turn dry, written content into captivating video messages, boosting content engagement. 

Use video to share blog posts, thought leadership pieces, or industry news, making it more digestible for your audience. 

According to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017 [3].

Customer Success Stories

Traditional written success stories lack the emotional connection that can influence potential customers. By using video to personally articulate the customer success, there’s a higher level of authenticity and emotional engagement that can influence potential customers effectively. 

Businesses can collect and share video testimonials from satisfied customers, showcasing success stories that resonate with prospects. 

Video testimonials have been found to increase sales by 34% [4].

Use case examples

Facilitate Team Collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop, celebrate milestones, and foster a culture of transparency.

Team Updates

It’s extremely challenging in the hybrid work era to ensure that everyone on a team receives and understands important updates and be in-sync around the clock. Vidcast enables teams to share key updates through engaging video messages. 

For example, project managers can share weekly update videos to keep everyone aligned on project goals and progress. 

According to a Forbes study, 59% of executives prefer video over text when both are available [1].

Collaborative Reviews

Written feedback often lacks nuance, making it difficult to fully understand and incorporate. Instead, teams can share detailed video reviews, providing context and clarity that written feedback lacks. 

Design teams can use video to walkthrough design reviews, clearly highlighting areas for improvement and appreciation. 

Studies show that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later, however, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information [2].

Team Announcements

In dynamic work environments, critical changes can get lost in the noise of everyday communication. Video messaging ensures that important announcements stand out and are fully understood. 

Team leaders can announce changes in project scope or deadlines in a clear, concise video message that teammates can revisit as needed. 

According to a research, video increases information retention by up to 65% [3].

Detailed Explanations

Complex concepts and ideas are often difficult to convey and understand through written text. Make it easier to explain intricate ideas through video, ensuring everyone on the team has a clear, consistent understanding. 

Developers can record explainer videos for new coding practices or architects can walk the team through complex building designs. 

Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text [4].

Employee Recognition

Traditional methods of employee recognition, like simple email shout-outs, may not resonate as deeply with your team. In fact, 37% of employees consider recognition more fulfilling when given publicly [5]. 

Using video messaging managers and team leaders can make recognition more personal and memorable. 

Celebrate your team’s achievements with a heartfelt video that doesn’t just mention their success but shows your genuine appreciation. 

A well-timed video can significantly boost team morale and productivity, encouraging a positive, achievement-oriented work culture.

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